Nintendo World Store NYC : The Destination of All Gamers

Nintendo Store NYC is not just a kid’s dream but also everyone’s. This store offers many products from Nintendo. It’s located in Rockefeller Plaza. Enjoy digital games and consoles on the Nintendo store, Kids will be ecstatic with a wide variety of Nintendo video games and accessories that are exclusive to the store likes Pokemon, Mario, and other well-known characters from Nintendo.

Once you walk in, you will see a lot of characters from Nintendo such as Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario. They have all items like shirts, consoles, games, figures, bags, and all collections from the game’s characters. I would recommend this place to everyone, especially people who love Nintendo. This Nintendo store NYC can fulfill your happiness and dream just as much as it does for me.

10 Rockefeller Plaza
ADDRESS 620 5th Avenue
TELEPHONE 646.459.0800
VISIT Website

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