Uniqlo 5th Avenue : Popular Japanese Branding on a Famous Street

How is Uniqlo on 5th Avenue?

Uniqlo on 5th Avenue is the largest store in the world because it provides more than 89,000 square feet of shopping space. You do not have to concern about the lineup for the dressing room because there are more than 100 to service everyone.

What is Uniqlo?

Uniqlo is a Japanese cloth brand with a minimal design. Tadashi Yanai is a founder from Japan. At first, this business name was Unique Clothing Wearhouse and it changed to Uniqlo in 1991. Uniqlo has the concept ” Made for all” because they design casual looks for everyone and every gender. The brand is growing very fast from its own reasonable price with good quality.

Uniqlo 666 5th Avenue

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