About 5th Avenue


5th Avenue New York – View from 21st Street

Welcome to Fifth Avenue… one of the most famous streets in the world!

Fifth Avenue spreads along 5 miles of the most valuable real-estate in Manhattan: 102 streets (8th street to 110th street.) It’s a magnet for the rich & famous, who come from all around the globe to live, work, and play here.

For over 150 years, Fifth Avenue has hosted many studios and laboratories where artists, scientists and inventors (including Tesla) have made it the place to be for both industry and art. Rockefelller Center and the Empire State Building, two of the highest and most famous buildings, make Fifth Avenue home to 2 out of 3 observatories in New York state. There are famous churches and so much to see.

But Fifth Avenue is perhaps best known for the shopping!

The Gap faces Armani, Abercrombie and Fitch faces Gucci and Bergdorf Goodman. Lord ‘n Taylor and Saks still change their windows every month and during the holiday compete for holiday splendor like nowhere else in the world. Fifth Avenue is the home of some of the most elegant jewelers, offering only the best. In fact, Fifth Avenue is often called “The Diamond Avenue.”

Visit 5th Avenue is a directory and a guide of more 400 addresses on 5th avenue (more to come), a treasure map for the art lover, fashion addict, mad shopper, tourist, collector and more..

5 miles of fun, astonishment, and dreams.

Enjoy your visit!

Visit 5th Avenue Team